Friday, December 11, 2015

December yeah!

My most favourite month of the year is here!
I have set my Christmas tree last month
but it need some additional decoration to go with it.
Which I will have to go and buy this weekend.

My school days aren't over, yet.
I have exams on the 19th - 21st.
So no honeymoon period yet.
Still have a LOT to read before then.

And MrJ's wedding is on the 19th.

Talk about timing.

I have approximately 10 days to study.

Well, it's December.

And that's just about it.


But not so happy welcoming the new year.

Gosh! 2016??

Like, seriously?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Never ...ever ....

...stay at the office alone.
especially when you have an office like me.
An old building in the 80s with stale air inside the 
windowless building.

Well, it has windows, but all of the bosses offices are build along the window
so there's no ventilation for those working in the middle area.

This office is ... special.
Even in broad daylight,
when you stay there alone
you might experience some hair rising experience.
Not an extreme experience, thank God.
But just a subtle reminder that we are not alone in this world.

There's one Friday..
you know in the government sector,
on Fridays you get 2 hours and 30 minutes of lunch break
to make way for Friday Prayers.
So in Kch, Friday lunch break starts at 11.45am.

So one Friday, we had an official function in the evening
so everyone was out of the office by 11.45am.
I decided to stay and finish my work before going to the function
later than everybody else.

I was at my desk, with my sandwich and my cup of tea
typing on the PC.
I left my door open.
My wing was empty. 
I walked to the left wing and 
seems like 4 of my colleagues are still there.
The pregnant operator was resting on the sofa.
The light was switched off.

I went back to my wing and felt cold air.
just my feeling, I thought.
I resumed my work and the clock was showing 12.10pm.
Time goes by so slow.
Nothing happened.
My eyes was darting now and then at the clock counter on 
the right side of my PC.
I heard rumbling in my colleague's room next door.
My ears seems to be extra alert at times like this.

Why are you going so slow, time?

I heard rapping sound on the wall behind me.
I pretended no to hear it.

The air seems to be making me anxious.
The still air outside of my room kept getting on me.
I went to the sitting area and tried to switch on the TV. 
Some news on TV might have a calming effect on my nerve.
I don't get scared easily in my familiar space.
But somehow today I was quite jumpy.
The TV refuse to switch on.
Oh, well. It might be a good thing after all.
I don't want to hear the volume playing tricks on me later.

OK, people will come in the office at 2pm.
I just have to bear with it,
Time will pass by quickly.

After what I felt like eternity, 
my eyes darted to the clock counter.

Suddenly I felt the hair on the back of my neck rose sharply.
I never, ever felt goosebumps as strong as this.
All I ever felt before was mild goosebumps.
But this time, woah! 
I felt like something was urging me to get out of the room.
I tried to ignore the feeling and continue my work.
I increased my radio's volume up.
But all it did was increase my anxiety.

Then I heard running feet on the ceiling.
I started having cold sweats.
My palms were sweaty.
I felt prickling on my skin.
I can even feel my hair-yep the hair on my head-standing.
My heart was thumping like crazy.
Lunch break was almost over
but I grabbed my bag and ran to the elevator 
through the dark lobby (my office has this good samaritan tradition where we switch off the office lights during lunch break).
and straight to the mall next to my office.
I need to calm myself down and do some window shopping.

But jokes aside, I was really feeling something
quite dreadful that day.
I waited till 2.15pm before I made my way back to the office.
I need people to be there before I do.
I don't want to come back to an empty office
after running like crazy just now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

you know it's time to go home when...

End of last month 
MrJ was quite busy at the office 
so he was late in picking me up 
from work.

One time,
I was still at the office at 6pm.
You remember how I told
you that my office is kind of old
and there's stories about 
all kinds of things happening here, right?
Not the ordinary stuff if you get what I mean.

it was 6pm and I was still typing away at my desk.
There's another two of my colleague left at the office with me.
Kak N's office was at the end of the building.
Near the emergency exit.
It was quite secluded.

Kak S's desk was in the middle of the office.
She occupies one of the 8 cubicles.
The office is divided into two wings.
The left wing and the right wing, duh!
We are at the right wing.
The left wing has been long empty.
Most of us go back at 5 with the latest at 5.30.
So at 6, the office is practically empty.

Kak S and Kak N went to the toilet
and I was left at my desk doing my thing.
Suddenly I heard footsteps.
Not on the floor, but on the ceiling.
There's another floor of office above us.
But, it was a small office on the right wing and an auditorium on the left.
There couldn't have been people running around at the auditorium at this time.
Moreover, how could one possibly hear someone running upstairs when the floors are solid rock?

It sounded like little foot was running around.
A few steps, and it's gone.
I had stopped whatever thing I was doing and listened to it.
When it stopped, I shrugged it off.

Then I heard Kak S and Kak N outside.
Kak S was asking me, am I ready to go home yet.
I said, I'm ready when you are.

I heard Kak N said 'I can hear the footsteps. Time to make a move.'
Kak N and Kak S took their bags and waited at the wing entrance.
Kak S asked me again, am I done? 
I had to switch off my PC first.
But then I heard the footsteps again.
And again.
The hairs on the back of my neck was standing.
I didn't wait for my PC to shut off.
I grabbed my bag and practically jumped to the entrance.

We were waiting at the elevator when Kak N said,
she began to hear the footsteps at 5.30 at her room.
She said it's normal for her to hear those sounds
especially nearing 6pm.
She take that as a sign to go home.

When she finally locked her room at 6,
Kak S began to hear the sound of footsteps around her cubicle.
Which prompted her asking me whether I am done with my work or not.
When Kak S walked to the wing entrance, 
that's when I started to hear the sounds on the ceiling.
It was like a reminder that it's their  time to use the office
and we need to get out.
It seems to me like they were hushing us one by one 
starting from Kak N then kak S then me.

Lesson learnt : Don't overstay your welcome. Haha

Monday, November 2, 2015

Busy Bee

Can you imagine I have a little over a month left for the first semester of my class?
I knoww!
Time flies by so fast.
It was like, OK how am I going to survive my 1st class, a few weeks ago.
And now, I was like, What??! the semeter's gonna end soon?
Make up your mind gurl!

I did some write up for a blog for my class here .
Don't ask about the beautify ok?
It's just because beautiful is not available 
so the next best thing is to play with the word 
and wa-LA..-fy was available.
so the rest was history.

Went to KL last week for a forum and boy,
the haze was so bad you can literally smell something
burning in the air.
It was so bad, I was down with flu the next day.
Not to mention the typhoid fever outbreak in KL.
It was certainly not the best time to go to KL.

Just submitted a mid-term take home examination yesterday.
Got another take home exam for technology
which is due in two weeks time.

In the meantime, I have 2 pending assignments
due this Saturday.
and here I am still blogging away, you might wonder.

I just finished by assignment - which was the blog entry I mentioned earlier.

So might as well post something short, I decided.
That is coincidental.
Nothing wrong in that.
Except that the fact that I still have 2 pending assignment
due this week is remain unchanged.

And I have 2 more assignments 
due in about 2 weeks time.
Whoa! Whoa!
I am overwhelmed with assignments!

Bur fret not.
Take one at a time
and you'll at least live.
Albeit having the flu for lack of sleep and all.

OKay, got to go!
See you when I see you.

I still have some entries for my India trip.
but that would have to wait until I am able to take a breather from 
school work.

Signing off!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

mid term

17hb ada midterm exam.  mengantukkkkk ... belum abis baca buku lagi...


nti la baca lagi.. zzzzz jap.. haha

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Take 5


It is so hot in here!
I'm in my class by the way.
But the aircond has not been working since the first day of class.

It is quite uncomfortable sitting inside the class
in hot air.
I am now in the computer lab so it's quite bearable.
But inside the lecture class attending the other subjects is another story.

It's a big lecture theatre with no windows.
And they have 2 big steel fans that sounded like a generator everytime you try to switch it on.
Terpaksa off sebab nda dingar lecturer cakap apa.

We are now in the middle of a 5 minutes break.
So, ni la ada peluang tulis sikit blog ni.
Sebab PC depan mata kan..


How's the jerebu at your place?
it's still quite hazy here where I am
but it's improving.
Better than last week.

here i am hoping for a better quality of air.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Phase

A few months ago,
I felt like I've entered the phase
where I began to feel like I need something 
new in my mundane everyday life.

I was starting to feel like I'm living a routine.
And I really need to deviate from a routine life.
So I did something I thought I would never do again.
Surveying Universities for a program I could enroll.

Fast forward a few months later,
I am now officially a student.

First, I like studying.

Second, I'm starting to get bored of my job.
So, I need some new environment to energize my self.
Who knows, I might contribute better to the organization.

We don't need a third, do we?

Let's just say it's the right time to do this.

So I did.

It's been like 3 weeks since I started attending classes.
Weekend classes.
And I think I'm getting the hang of it.
I've got new friends - as young as my sister who was born in 1990.
I've even got 4 of them. 
Haha. Enough for a gossiping session during lunch hours.
Tapi gosip pun setakat mana saja dapat gosip sama budak2 kan. haha

I am liking (not loving yet) my new student life.
It's quite tiring not having the weekends to lazy around anymore.
But still, I'm taking it a day at at time 
so I won't be too overwhelmed with assignments and work at the office.
I need a sane mind to get through this.

Okay, wish me luck!



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