Wednesday, August 19, 2015

India Trip : Packing - Checked!

I've packed my stuff.
Not quite.
Just the obvious like
shirts and pants.

And my bag is full to the brim!

It's a 12 days trip so I packed 14 shirts.
Is that too excessive?
I packed 5 pants.
And a pair of punjabi suit.

I haven't packed my toiletries
my mekap, my kasut, my selipar

and wat else... oh my!

MrJ was like "You're only allowed 10kgs of luggage."
Pfft...Like that would be enough!

Lelaki boleh la, pakai 1 pasang baju for a whole month 
pun tidak kisah.



Just kidding.
But there's some degree of truth in that fact, right?

Anyway, I'll have to cut some off the shirts.
Luggage for international destination is so expensive.
40kgs is RM190. 
Belum masuk domestic punya kan...
Belum kira return flight.

Sometimes I regret making trips.
Habis duit.
Kering kontang.
Tapi skejap ja tu manasal. 
Pasni hepi balik.
My mood swings is unbelievable, sometimes.
I can be happy and angry at the same time.

And the same can be said at this moment.
I am regretting but I also somewhat excited.
I confuse myself sometimes.

It's noon.
My desk is clear.
As clear as it can get la.
And I've also make it clear to my officemates
that I'll be off for 2 weeks.


If that is not clear enough, 
I don't know what to say la..

Aftermath of the Mudslides in Ranau

Friends sent me pictures of the logs 
brought down by the mudslides 
after the 5th June earthquake in Ranau
following the heavy rain after the quake.

One look at the picture and I thought 
"wow punya banyak ranting kana bawa dari atas gunung."

I thought they were branches.
How wrong I was.
They were trees/timber lebih besar dari
pemeluk orang dewasa.

Can you imagine this?

the sizes of the timber washed downstream

timbers blocking the river downstream

The authorities have since cleared the river
and restored water supplies to the affected houses within the area.

You can imagine the damage on the mountain because of the earthquake
can't you?
It will definitely take a long time to recover,
but God willing, it will be better with time.
The scar will remain, but it will be better.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

India Trip : The Countdown

I am pretty excited.
Work in the office is pretty much done.
Uni registration will have to wait till I get back.
Nothing can be done about that one.

The day after tomorrow 
i will officially be on leave.

Flight to KL is at 4pm
and then we'll be bound to India at 9pm.

I don't know what to expect.
Well, isn't that the best part of travelling?
Going to the unknown?


I heard there's good quality linen there.
So I might max up my luggage capacity on clothes/linens.
Or I might not.
Since it's the end of the month
and with payday still a little over a week away
I might just sight see.

And take lots of picture.

Speaking of pictures,
I need to empty my SD cards
to make room for pictures.
I need to bring my one and only power bank
and I hope it'll last at least for 1 whole day 
worth of charging my hp, ipod and tab.

I want to travel light.
But how do one who don't wear an unwashed shirt twice survive travelling light?
I need to bring lots of light tops and
wear it with my cardigan.
Well, cardigans can be worn quite a lot before washing 
since it doesn't get in contact directly with your skin.
(What nonsense is dis?? :D)

I just have to start packing today.
Yep, no packing done yet.

I hope there'd be free wi-fi in India 
so I can update this blog as much as I can (mimpi la..)
Who am I kidding?

Is that a challenge?
OK, challenge accepted.
Provided, there's free wi-fi.
Tee hee!


See you!

Monday, August 17, 2015

tempat berlindung

Cuba bayangkan..
Di malam yang sejuk..
nda kira la sebab aircond ka, atau sebab hujan..

time tu siuk2 ko tidur..
sekali something masuk dalam telinga kau.

Ni dua kali suda jadi sama sia.
Sedang siuk2 tidur,
sekali nyamuk ka apa terbang masuk dalam telinga.
Punya kin panas.
Kuat lagi tu dia punya sayap bebunyi2.
Ya la, suda dalam telinga
suda semestinya la bunyi pergerakan dia pun magnified kan.

Tau la sejuk
nampak gua aka lubang telinga terus dia masuk 
mau panaskan badan ka??
Kan suda terlekat sama earwax
Ko ingat lubang telinga sia ni tempat ko berlindung dari sejuk ka?

pasni kana pakai earfon ni tidur.
Budu punya nyamuk.
Stuck dalam telinga, bukan kau yang susah.
Sia yang susah!

Geli eh.

Patut la dalam drama2 selalu ja tingu urang 
tidur pakai eyemask sama penyumbat telinga.
I was wondering buat apa sumbat telinga.
Now I know.

Pasni mau pakai sumbat telinga la sebelum tidur.

I need to visit Watsons ASAP.
Beli set tidur.
eh, nda paya la set tidur.
Penyumbat telinga pun cukup.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Furniture shopping

Perfect livin' home exhibition is back in town!
This is the first time i get to go and look around the exhibition.
5 years here in kch and i have never been to one.
Tiada keperluan ba.

But this time i insisted to mrJ that we must go
And look for good furniture bargains.

We ended up buying our dining table set, sofa
And some accessories like an xl sized outdoor umbrella
And a heavy duty ladder.

What's more interesting is
Every buyer got a chance to participate in
A lucky draw where every money spent
On that day will be reimbursed,.

How i wish i am the winner.

And buyers also have free gifts
Depending on how much you spend that day.

We got 2 free gifts.

It was a day well spent.
Eh, money well spent...

Duri dalam daging

Ni bukan cerita pasal musuh dalam selimut ka apa.
Bukan juga pasal duri dalam daging.

Ni pasal hook pancing dalam ikan.


Maksud sia,
Kita kana hati hati bila makan ikan ni.
Se-fresh mana pun ikan tu, 
nda kan hook mau tertinggal dalam perut ikan.

Ni cerita betul ni.

Adik sia p makan hari tu di satu kadai di area pantai timur sabah.
Makan punya makan, tiba2 nampak hook dalam isi ikan.
Nasib baik diurang kuis2 tu isi ikan.
Kalau masuk mulut terus, lain suda cerita dia tu.

Ish ish ishhhh

So next time kamurang p makan,
Hati2 la.

Bukan tulang saja yang kamu perlu waspada.
Tapi bendasing2 macam ni la...
Perut sendiri juga kena kan.

So makan tu biar berpada2.

Slow2 ja.

Nda payah gelojoh.

hook pancing dalam ikan

habis juga ba..

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tribute to the unsung heroes

My family decided to come up with our own t-shirt design
as a token of appreciation to the perished
during the 5th june earthquake.

We were told that the image of a mountain guide carrying
an injured boy on his back to safety
was patented by taman sabah.
So we decided to use one of Valerian's
picture in silhouette as part of the design
to remember him by after asking his parents
about the idea.
They agreed.

My aunt sent samples of the finished product today.
Not bad.

We might not be seeing each other in this life
but you will always be a part of the family.
For eternity.



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