Monday, November 2, 2015

Busy Bee

Can you imagine I have a little over a month left for the first semester of my class?
I knoww!
Time flies by so fast.
It was like, OK how am I going to survive my 1st class, a few weeks ago.
And now, I was like, What??! the semeter's gonna end soon?
Make up your mind gurl!

I did some write up for a blog for my class here .
Don't ask about the beautify ok?
It's just because beautiful is not available 
so the next best thing is to play with the word 
and wa-LA..-fy was available.
so the rest was history.

Went to KL last week for a forum and boy,
the haze was so bad you can literally smell something
burning in the air.
It was so bad, I was down with flu the next day.
Not to mention the typhoid fever outbreak in KL.
It was certainly not the best time to go to KL.

Just submitted a mid-term take home examination yesterday.
Got another take home exam for technology
which is due in two weeks time.

In the meantime, I have 2 pending assignments
due this Saturday.
and here I am still blogging away, you might wonder.

I just finished by assignment - which was the blog entry I mentioned earlier.

So might as well post something short, I decided.
That is coincidental.
Nothing wrong in that.
Except that the fact that I still have 2 pending assignment
due this week is remain unchanged.

And I have 2 more assignments 
due in about 2 weeks time.
Whoa! Whoa!
I am overwhelmed with assignments!

Bur fret not.
Take one at a time
and you'll at least live.
Albeit having the flu for lack of sleep and all.

OKay, got to go!
See you when I see you.

I still have some entries for my India trip.
but that would have to wait until I am able to take a breather from 
school work.

Signing off!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

mid term

17hb ada midterm exam.  mengantukkkkk ... belum abis baca buku lagi...


nti la baca lagi.. zzzzz jap.. haha

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Take 5


It is so hot in here!
I'm in my class by the way.
But the aircond has not been working since the first day of class.

It is quite uncomfortable sitting inside the class
in hot air.
I am now in the computer lab so it's quite bearable.
But inside the lecture class attending the other subjects is another story.

It's a big lecture theatre with no windows.
And they have 2 big steel fans that sounded like a generator everytime you try to switch it on.
Terpaksa off sebab nda dingar lecturer cakap apa.

We are now in the middle of a 5 minutes break.
So, ni la ada peluang tulis sikit blog ni.
Sebab PC depan mata kan..


How's the jerebu at your place?
it's still quite hazy here where I am
but it's improving.
Better than last week.

here i am hoping for a better quality of air.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Phase

A few months ago,
I felt like I've entered the phase
where I began to feel like I need something 
new in my mundane everyday life.

I was starting to feel like I'm living a routine.
And I really need to deviate from a routine life.
So I did something I thought I would never do again.
Surveying Universities for a program I could enroll.

Fast forward a few months later,
I am now officially a student.

First, I like studying.

Second, I'm starting to get bored of my job.
So, I need some new environment to energize my self.
Who knows, I might contribute better to the organization.

We don't need a third, do we?

Let's just say it's the right time to do this.

So I did.

It's been like 3 weeks since I started attending classes.
Weekend classes.
And I think I'm getting the hang of it.
I've got new friends - as young as my sister who was born in 1990.
I've even got 4 of them. 
Haha. Enough for a gossiping session during lunch hours.
Tapi gosip pun setakat mana saja dapat gosip sama budak2 kan. haha

I am liking (not loving yet) my new student life.
It's quite tiring not having the weekends to lazy around anymore.
But still, I'm taking it a day at at time 
so I won't be too overwhelmed with assignments and work at the office.
I need a sane mind to get through this.

Okay, wish me luck!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Flying into the haze

I've still got some posts for the India Trip,
but I am now flying to Lawas for work till the 2nd of October.
So yeah, that have to wait till then.

And as for the new house,
my new dining table arrived a few weeks ago 
and I am totally in love with it.

Nope, we are still living at my MrJ's family home.
No sign of moving out, yet.
Though I am crossing my fingers
that it'd be before Christmas.

I really would want to celebrate Christmas 
in our new house this year.
Since I won't be able to go back to KK this year
since I would be sitting for my exams
(yep, am back to school but let's keep that in another entry, shall we?)

I am thinking of bringing my family 
to Kch this year, like the previous year.
And with the carolling and stuff.
But I'd like to just stay at home
and relax with them.

Maybe do some board game
or BBQs and stuff.

We'll see about that.

I really hate this haze.
It's messing with everything.

OK, I'll see you when I see you.

India Trip : In Love with Apple Valley!

Oh my God!

I couldn't ask for a better hotel here in Kodaikanal.
Apple Valley is the one.
Air-cond free lagi.
But we could use some heater..kekeke

Anyway, the main road to Apple Valley ni kecil.
So we all diangkut pakai jeep around 2 minutes drive from the main road.

Auto suda naik, sekarang ni jeep.

getting off the jeep
Turun2 jeep terus ambil gambar.
Santik dan kiut ba

Wi-fi available tapi di lobi ja :(

the hotel driveway 

recommended. 100%

the room. Ada kitchennette and a balcony overlooking the valley.

Buli lepak2 sini minum kupi
The hotel has a terrace at the 1st level 
and you could lepak2 there sambil minum kupi2

The town view from our corridor at the 1st level

clean and cosy

the hotel picture taken from the terrace

This town is literally located on top of a mountain.

Jalan2 tingu town

some of the lane in town. Sebelah kanan tu kedai baju, Bourht some Indian dress for my niece

A small nursery di depan hotel. Ada akuarium juga

hotel lobby


The view form our room balcony

bekabus suda HP sia

Morning view from the balcony

Nampak gunung ganang in the cold morning

the view of the neighbourhood from our room

Kodaikanal is a very nice place to visit.
Since we are just here for a night, 
just like the other places we went during this trip,
I didn't really get the chance to get to jalan-jalan and immerse myself more
to the lifestyle of the local people here.

saja tertarikh ambil gambar tangga

dinner at Apple Valley

Nasi goreng sayur
 Remember I was talking about Chicken 65 in my previous post?
Well it's actually isi ayam digoreng with masala.
So sedap.

Actually Chicken 65 ni popular in Tamil movie.
Bila scene makan, mesti ada chicken 65.
So my family in law was curious "apa ba ni chicken 65 ni"

then when we ordered and tried eating it,
wa, we were hooked, man.
everytime makan, mesti ada chicken 65.
If you want to ge vege, then try gobi 65 which
is cauliflower digoreng tepung masala.

It tastes better if you squeeze a little bit of lemon on top of it.
Terliurrrrr sia ingat

chicken 65

Masala omelette

habis yo..laparr

chicken 65 pun habis

Wrap it up with a nice cup of coffee...

I would like to come back here for a more relaxed stay 
and maybe stay for a couple of days and really immerse myself 
in this town.
But thinking about the winding road, 
makes my stomach churn.

Macam nda sanggup lagi
lalu tu hairpin bend.

I am in love with you!

Monday, September 28, 2015

India Trip : Kodaikanal Pine Forest

The Kodaikanal Pine Forest is a famous place to visit here.
I never knew this, but the guide said pine trees make a high quality paper.

Seriau sia mau ambi gambar sini...tu cliff terus tu ..teda tampat pigang lagi

perasan jadi hero Tamil kali ni MrJ ni
 Cantik dis place.
Ngam ambil gambar kawin.
No wonder banyak movie kana rakam sini.


The people visiting and the local people need to start using the dustbin.
Sebab, banyak sampah!
Rosak pemandangan.

When I looked around for tong sampah,
Patut la orang sukahati buang sampah.
Sia yang sakit hati.
Sebab even a single trash will be easily noticed.
Sebab tu tanah teda rumput tumbuh.
Coklat ja dilitupi daun pine yang mati.

Add caption

Parents in Law. See the sampah?

SIL and husband. Macam pelakun pun ada kan kekee

SIL and her family

Jaden Raj.  Mau panjat pokok pula

Excited abang dia - Maveent.
 MrJ's cousin - Amy - is getting married this December.
So ada la ambi gambar2 kunun sedang buat video klip sini. Kekek

The funny thing is, the locals keep staring at her fiance.
Even ambil gambar diurang time they posing2 depan kamera.

Mungkin sebab the fiance nampak macam Tamil movie star?
Mimang lucu, tapi mungkin ada aura kali.

Lovebirds.  Soon to be married couple.  Sudah register JPN..kawin bulan 12.  MrJ's cousin

FIL meditating haha

We were here! Tamil movie star pakai selipar jipun je haha

Ni harimau nda tau la mimang untuk naik ka apa.  But the nephews naik, nobody complained, so OK la tu haha
 Next we went to a place to observe a cliff.
The Indians cakap macam ukiran dewa Ganesh.
I can see the resemblance la juga.

The cliff

Ni yang durang cakap macam ukiran dewa

ni gerai2 in case mau beli chai ka apa ka..chai as in tea keke

Ha, ni nama dia...

saja ambil gambar.. kekeke

Subashini. This is taken dekat area waterfall.  Sempat juga la beli souvenirs sini.

bekabus suda lens...sia rasa...sia ambil gambar bunga kali ni..

sampat beli kek untuk dessert di hotel nanti ekekke..sadappppppp!

ta-da! coklat..mimang la sodappp

Pasni kita pi APpleValley!!


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