Friday, December 12, 2014


My favourite month is here !!!

Monday, November 10, 2014


FIL paling rajin bawa putung rumput.  Salute!

MrJ tanam rumput di rumah baru tu..
Cantik ba..kunun....n green ja... 
redup mata memandang..

kemarin kami pi putung rumput lepas lebih 1 bulan kana biar..
punyala sakit belakang terbongkok2 mau putung n trim tu tepi2..
putung mmg pakai mesin rumput 
tapi hujung2 dia dakat tu dinding mmg x dapat pakai mesin.
kana buat manually. 
Dan itu la kerja sia
sampai melecet ba kulit putung pakai  gunting rumput.
sebab tu rumput tebal gila.

tus mrJ cakap, "berapa harga simen ah..mau simen la semua ni...
nda susah mau putung2 rumput."
Baru beberapa kali buat suda give up si kawan.


So, I am looking forward to a smaller grass area at home.

Tu rumput pun jadi sarang semut.
Bukan semut ja.
Belalang ada, spider ada..
belum cakap lagi cicak, penyangat..
kalau masuk rumah nanti ada barang makan, macam mana...
susah woo..

Itula terpaksa mau spray2 lapas putung rumput..fuh..
berapa kali kerja..
Aimnya kunun weekend nda mau kerja keras..
mau rilek2..
rilek apa....putung rumput weh.. 
mimang la a good exercise..
palan-palan la kan, urang bilang..
buat sikit2..tapi buat every weekend.

kalau lepas 1 bulan putung mimang la 
cari penyakit nama dia..

Tapi semut tu la..paling sia nda suka.
Semut merah hokei..


I was here last month. 
And I quite miss Melbourne.  

The first experience always gives the deepest impression to us right?   
So Melbourne, being the first country I visited outside of my shell ASEAN, 
I developed a soft spot for Melbourne . 

I just love how peaceful of a city it is. And the wether gosh.. Melbourne they say is a place where you can experience 4 seasons in a day.  so my bag was always weighted down by the cotton sweater I had with me for a cooler day, but the sun often unknowingly shone bright on the day I brought practically my whole luggage with me and cold when I travel light. 

You just never know in Melbourne so just dress in something that will protect you from the cold wind but will not make you sweaty if the sun decides to show up. 

 I will definitely visit the city again... With a trip to Sydney train.  Ok Jum menabungg

I think I have to convince mr Hubs first because the flight is 8 hours from KL to Melboune.  For a guy who can't stand 3 hours tops on a flight,  I might have quite a hard case of convincing to do.

Wish me luck!


The void

Been quite a while, huh..?

Lost my interest on blogging somewhere back there...what's with the lack of activity and all.

There's nothing interesting to talk about except that i was in Australia for about 5 days in October.  

Other than that my life's been pretty dull.



Ok la.


Friday, September 19, 2014

lampu rumah

ni rumah adik ipar sia...

baru siap buat siling sama lampu dia..

weols belum buat lagi..

palan2 ba kan... tunggu ongkos mari...


yang pinting importan. apa2 la kan.

so ni untuk ambil inspirasi la ni.

tapi biru dia tarang gila. macam sakit mata meningu nih...

taste urang lain2 kan...

si mrJ nda suka chandelier. hm..

so plain ja la siling ni nanti 

apapun... di kk nanti sia buat chandelier..

ba ok la.. ni ja update ada sama tu rumah... update pun bukan pasal ruma 

sendiri..rumah adik ipar pula.. kakaka

ba nanti la tingu apa jadi sama rumah kami pula.. ciao!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

gunung santubong

my siblings came to visit me on the 12th - 15th September. and on the 14th we joined a mountain climbing activity - Mount Santubong.

it has a height of 810m.

well nothing compared to Kinabalu...or so I thought.

Mount Santubong is certainly no match to Kinabalu in height but man, it was more challenging than Kinabalu since it has a series of monkey ladder which requires a strong arm and hands.

anyone can climb a mountain. but climbing one with monkey ladder, makes it a whole of different story.

there are 15 checkpoints and I barely made it to the 7th. 

my stamina. gone. I was breathing hard on the first 5 seconds! the terrain was unbelievable.  the minute you start, it's already steep. no mercy.

I handed my backpack to my sis (yes I can't believe that either) and she brought it with her till the 7th checkpoint.

my sis and bro continued to the last checkpoint despite my bro having a leg cramp midway up the mountain.

he braved the cramped muscle and managed to reach the peak.

it's an accomplishment!  Proud of them.  :D

but he was near to tears when they started their way down.  It's hard enough with good legs...what more with a cramped muscle.

we started the climb at 8am and the team managed to reach the peak by noon at about 1pm. they started their journey down at 2pm and the first 2 - my bro and sis -  managed to reach our bus at 5pm, barely missing the heavy rain at 5.15pm.

my bro was exhausted beyond words and he was limping on the way to the airport the next day.

anyway it's a job well done. and me too. haha.. being so out of shape I still managed to reach halfway to the peak.

here's some pic of the day..


Next..Kinabalu... hehehehehe

fed up

i am quite fed up with the people in d opis right now.
I think I need a new environment.
Yes. That's it.
I need a new set of people working for me.

It's all set then.
I am going to accept my superior's challenge and move to a different Section.
After all, i need a new set of task to keep me afresh.

The question now is.. when?
Next month I suppose.
I will have to finish some unfinished work and then I'll be off.
To a smaller Section, but certainly the challenge will nevertheless be more since I'll be handling people out of the office, as opposed to my job now which mainly is managing people INSIDE the organization.

Wish me luck!



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